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Connection Sales Support is a call centre specialised in lead generation, client liaison, data collection, cleansing and catering to specialised sales distribution with over 40 years of experience producing sales in excess of £500m in the last 5 years. We also offer tailored administration solutions to our clients producing focused productive cost efficient results.


The call centre is based in Zagreb, Croatia. Opening offices in Central Europe was motivated by a desire to balance availability and economy; as well as a desire to eliminate the common problems call centres outside of Europe and outside the English speaking world tend to have, including heavy accents and imperfect pronunciation.


Croatia and its capital were chosen for its long tradition of higher education, where 75% of the younger population have (at least) a bachelor degree. Employing them puts us in a position to quickly and effectively adapt to the projects and demands put forth by our clients.


The average age of our employees is 28, which is another testament to the serious approach to work which we don't think can be cultivated in an environment where the average age of the work force is 20.


By investing in the training process which all our agents go through, we produce agents capable of standing up to the tests and the challenges put before them by constant communication, and thereby enabling us to fulfil our clients' demands.

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