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The Sales Force Package encompasses all the actions that need to be taken to prepare

for and ensure that a company's product placement and sales are successful.


It is one of the most popular forms of collaboration among our partners/clients, because

it brings together all the services CSS offers - from lead generation or looking after a

particular client, building and maintaining a rapport with them, to attracting as many new

ones as possible. This, logically, results in greater sales, and therefore, greater profit.


The Sales Force Package enables our clients to focus on the production and quality of their products while leaving all the worries regarding its placement and client liaison to us.


In order to assure our clients that using the Sales Force Package will result in a sales increase for them, we at CSS decided to base our profit on a sales percentage, so larger sales for the client are in our best interest!


We carefully examine all offers and make decisions and negotiate conditions based on the potential we see in each product. If you too wish to increase your profits using a tested sales method, which lets you focus on perfecting your products and saves you time, contact us! We will examine your needs and, based on that, suggest how you can best make use of our Sales Force Package.

​Sales Force Package



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