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One of the things we take great pride in CSS is our ability to arranging appointments

with clients in order to provide a company representative with the opportunity to meet

them face to face and present the company's offers and arrange terms and conditions

of a collaboration.


Our specialised method of training call agents in client handling have resulted in over

5000 individual appointments arranged between clients and company representatives,

which has in turn resulted in our partners' increased profits.


All of the appointments we arrange come with call recordings to help your agents better prepare for the appointments. We also handle your agents' diaries and monitor carefully where they are at any given moment during their work day, in order not to overbook, double book, or cause them any inconvenience. We nurture very close relationships with the agents in the field, making sure we do not book appointments in a time they reserved for themselves and their families, and help them with cancellations or rescheduling meetings. We believe their satisfaction is as important as that of the client, since a displeased and overworked agent can inadvertently ruin the hard work that has been put into obtaining the appointment.

​Arranging appointments



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