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If you have a need to communicate with your clients on a daily basis, we

can handle both inbound and outbound calls for you. We can handle your

clients' calls, and answer their queries or transfer them to you - as arranged.

In accordance with your instructions we will call the client and inform them of

possible changes or forward the information they asked for.


We at CSS know that a client who needs answers, information or an

appointment with you - wants a prompt reaction, which we are equipped to

provide. We also think it important that all these calls be handled with the

utmost clarity and respect towards the client.


We will provide the client with the information they need, push for a swift

resolution of their query, or provide feedback as soon as possible.


Sometimes this chain of communication asks that several calls be put to one person, for example, when booking transport serveral calls will need to be made to arrange and/or amend the number of people travelling, the place, the time, the mode of transport et cetera, all of which can change at short notice - all these changes must be handled in a way that does not let the client feel any delay at all.


Most importantly, CSS will make your clients feel you are accessible and trustworthy. This in an environment that will make your clients stay your clients.




​Inbound and outbound calls



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