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Many of CSS' contracts so far have pertained to the maintaining company  -

client relationships. This is, in fact, one of the most popular and most demanded

services by our partners.


We're here whether you need to inform your clients of new products you're

placing on the market, changing your services  and conditions, want to keep

your clients up to date, or just wish them a happy birthday.


Client liasion is a key part of our business because - what with the growing

competition on the market - the clients tend to turn to the company that makes

them feel safe, in the loop and well looked after.


A personal call from the company to the client is an expression of respect to them and the business they are giving your company, as well as proof of a close and personal relationship your company wants  to maintain with them.


Since certain companies due to the scope of work they do, do not have enough time to communicate with their clients regularly or inform all of them of upcoming changes in the business  etc - CSS will do that for you, bearing in mind your wishes and instructions with regard to the company image you wish to project.


It is of utmost importance when communicating with clients to react promptly and politely to any query they have and inform you of it - if need be, arrange a meeting with one of your staff or relate your answers to the client.


CSS is here to provide this service to you as we have done with previous partners.

​Client Liasion



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